These yummy snacks ideas are designed especially for kids and focus on specific developmental skills.  In addition to getting to eat a tasty treat, the process of making a snack offers specific therapeutic value.

Here are the benefits of kids in the kitchen…

  • Children will practice fine motor skills while assembling their snack.  This improves dexterity and utensil use.
  • Kids will interact with new textures and tastes in a fun way.
  • The step-by-step instructions encourage organizational skills, sequencing and following directions.
  • Kids are typically highly motivated to write the recipes which is a great way to sneak in some extra handwriting practice.
  • Plus, there’s a social benefit too.  These snack and cookie craft ideas are perfect for bringing to a party for a unique treat to share with friends!

P.S. Feel free to swap out the ingredients and get creative!  😊 🍓

Click here to find the latest Kid Taste Tested and OT Approved Snack Ideas…

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