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Get ready for a Sensational Summer with Play It Forward’s Summer Series

Get ready for a Sensational Summer with Play It Forward’s Summer Series

Congrats everyone!   We made it through another school year and summer is here!  Are you ready for a sensational summer?  Summer time is a unique and exciting time of year.  There’s so much to look forward to in the way of vacations, road trips, family outings and time to just “chill” at home.

All of these opportunities are very exciting, however the change in schedule and routines can also feel like a HUGE transition for many children.

Not only do kids have to adjust to summer mode, for many parents (truth be told), the summer season also adds another layer of complexity.  It can be challenging to figure out child care, coordinate multiple schedules and shuttle kids to various camps and activities.  Not to mention all of the time it takes for planning, packing, traveling and finding enough things to do to keep your kids occupied when they’re at home.

It’s no wonder that a “summer break” may feel like a ton of work! 

That being said, we all want what’s best for our kids! Whether we choose to book ourselves busy, prefer to keep the schedule open for spontaneous fun, be out and about or stay at home… summer is a season of change from the school year.  And change requires some mental flexibility and transition skills to ensure smooth sailing throughout the summer!

Over the course of the summer, I’d like to share my top OT Tips for having a “Sensational” Summer with your kid(s)!   In this case, I like to use the word “Sensational” because it’s not only defined as relating to the senses, but it also means exciting, attractive and impressive.  This is the type of summer experience that I wish for all of you.

If you have a child with special needs, developmental difficulties or sensory processing challenges, I want to share my top tips to help you and your kids have a Sensational Summer!

These tips truly applicable to ALL kids.

The OT Summer Series will focus on…

  • How to help your child keep their “cool” when summer sensory challenges arise
  • Travel tips with a focus on sensory strategies and self-regulation
  • Kid friendly, summer themed cookie crafts and snacks.
  • Fun OT ideas to keep the kids busy while improving strength, fine motor and handwriting skills.

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P.S. With the right strategies and tools in place….

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