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Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day Card

Cute cards to make moms smile…

Learn how to make this cute and cheerful Mother’s Day card!  Kids will love stamping on a bouquet of roses using a stamp made from celery stalk to create pretty rose petals.   Who knew that celery could be such a versatile veggie?!

Don’t have celery in your fridge?  No worries!  Don’t let that stop you from using these cute templates! Choose your favorite coloring crayons, markers, pencils or dot markers to create your Mother’s Day Card.

CLICK HERE for the FREE card templates

This card is the perfect occupational therapy activity to Celebrate Mother’s day while improving fine motor skills at the same time.  On top of being a thoughtful gesture…

Here’s how creating this card supports your child’s sensory-motor development:

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holding a paint brush works on important pre-writing and pencil grasp skills.
  • Coloring builds endurance in the small muscles of the hand
  • Folding the paper is good practice for using two hands together

Visual Motor Skills

  • Coloring in smaller items such as the butterflies challenges precision control, a precursor to handwriting legibility.
  • Handwriting practice inside of the card to write a special message to mom can be extra motivating.
  • Adapt it: Feel free to write on lined paper and taping it inside the card.  Or use a ruler to add your own lines.

Pro tip: It’s more difficult to write legibly in a blank space without having lines as guidelines.  Let the child pick their favorite highlighter color and draw the lines for them.   Tell them to make the letters sit on the line.

Sensory Skills

This activity challenges the tactile tolerance for those kids who have tactile sensitivity or who don’t like getting their hands wet or messy.  It allows them to participate in a painting activity and using a utensil, such as the paint brush, can make it more tolerable.  If your child beccomes distressed with hands messy, keep a paper towel nearby.

Social Emotional Skills

Making something or a gift for someone else requires is a thoughtful gesture that encourages kindness and thinking outside of yourself.  Giving the card to mom can be a positive social interaction and a wonderful opportunity to practice social skills.

Want the FREE printables to make your own?  CLICK HERE for the FREE card template


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Spring Occupational Therapy Activities

Spring Occupational Therapy Activities

The Spring Collection…

Looking for simple, spring time occupational therapy activities? This video montage is a collection of our favorite OT Tested and Kid Approved activities that we use for treatment sessions at our clinic and school based practice. You can find most of the activity tutorials on this blog or on my YouTube channel.  CLICK HERE to subscribe to our Youtube Channel

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