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Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Kids will enjoy making this twist on a classic grilled cheese sandwich!  It’s a Turkey Sandwich without the turkey…  but how can that be?!  Using a knife to make 3 simple cuts transforms your plain sandwich into a silly turkey that will be gobbled up in no time!

Plus, it’s a clever way to get in a balanced meal of grains, dairy and veggies. I made a ham and grilled cheese in this example.  You can always sub out the ingredients if your child has food allergies or make a completely different type of sandwich.  Make it your own!  This is an easy lunch prep idea that older children can help with.

Feeding Therapy Ideas

When it comes to feeding therapy, one of the first concepts of helping kids break out of restrictive food choices is to change the shape of the preferred food.  By enlisting kids help to assemble the turkey they will also be interacting with each of the ingredients.  Take a more scientific approach and talk with your child about the different shapes, colors, smells and textures of the ingredients.

Do the different colored peppers taste different or the same?  What do you like better, the crunchy cracker texture or the soft sandwich texture?  Do you like hot sandwiches or cold sandwiches?  Talking about preferences and learning about the different characteristics of food gives kids a sense of control and also exposes them to interact with different or non-preferred foods in a fun way.

Positive associations around meal times, snacks and eating are all part of helping kids with feeding problems and strategies to use with your typical picky eater too!


  • Whole wheat bread
  • Butter
  • Cheddar cheese slices
  • Mini bell peppers or baby carrots
  • 1 round wheat cracker
  • 2 sliced olives
  • Optional:  lunch meat


  1.  Make your sandwich.
  2. Cut into a triangle shape.
  3. Cut the 2 smaller triangles in half for the wings.
  4. Make the face:  Use 2 black olives for the eyes, a triangle slice of cheese for the beak and a small piece of red pepper for the gobbler.
  5. Cut the bell peppers and arrange into a feather pattern.


STEP 1:  Cut the sandwich.

STEP 2:  Build your turkey.

STEP 3: Gobble it up!

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Teddy Berry Parfait

Teddy Berry Parfait

Hooray for Parfaits!  Try this scrumptious, parfait made with your favorite yogurt and fresh fruit mix ins.  Add crunchy granola and a teddy graham topping to create this nutritious snack.  Or make it ahead of time for a healthy, no prep breakfast.  Your kids will love making and eating these adorable Teddy Berry Parfaits.



  • Yogurt
  • Fresh berries
  • Dried apricot or mango
  • Granola (or crush up a granola bar or graham crackers)
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Optional:  Decorative tooth picks or drink umbrellas

You will need:  Spoons, scissors, strainer, strawberry or egg slicer, small bowls or mason jars with lids


  1. Wash the berries.
  2. Alternate adding fruit and yogurt until you reach the top of your container
  3. Use your pincher fingers to sprinkle the granola on top.
  4. Cut out a rectangle shape from a dried apricot or other fruit for the bear beach towel.
  5. Place the teddy graham on top.
  6. Snip or poke a hole through the center of an apricot to make a swim ring.
  7. Poke the teddy graham’s legs through the hole.

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Pencil Cookie

Pencil Cookie

Go ahead, chew on this pencil eraser!  As a matter of fact, feel free to eat the entire pencil…. cookie pencil that is!  This graham cracker pencil cookie is sure to inspire your young writer.  “Pick up your pencil” will have a whole new meaning after you’ve tried these cute and crunchy pencil cookies.

Incorporate writing into this activity by having your child write out the recipe prior to making the pencil cookie.  Read below on how to sharpen your child’s writing skills in a fun and motivating way.

For early writers… encourage copying single words onto paper for each step.  For example, 1.  Graham Cracker  2. Frosting  3. Gum  4. Chocolate Chip.   Or write out the recipe in simple phrases and have your child copy it.

For older children….  Practice note taking by reading the recipe aloud to them and have them take notes.  You can even have your student make the pencil cookie first, then write out the steps they followed to to make it. 

All of these variations are fun ways to sharpen your child’s writing skills by addressing fine motor skills, sequencing and following directions.

Pencil Cookie


  • Graham crackers
  • Pink bubble gum tape
  • White frosting
  • Mini chocolate chip

Note: Quarter of a graham cracker for a short pencil.  Half of a graham cracker cut vertically for a long pencil.

You will need: Scissors, Serrated knife for cutting graham crackers, butter knife for spreading frosting


  1. Cut one end of the graham cracker into a triangle shape.
  2. Cut the bubble gum for the eraser.  Spread a small amount of frosting at the top of the graham cracker and stick the eraser on top.
  3. Spread the frosting on the pointy end of the triangle.
  4. Add a chocolate chip pointing down for the pencil tip.

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