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Fine Motor Clothespin Turkey

Fine Motor Clothespin Turkey

Clip-on clothespin feathers are the perfect accessory for this turkey’s dressing!  This cute and clever Thanksgiving craft is perfect for preschoolers to strengthen their fine motor skills. It also involves following directions and is excellent practice for fine motor skills such as cutting, coloring, gluing and pinching.  Pinching clothespins helps strengthen the muscles important for developing dexterity.

Pinching is a necessary fine motor skill to help support your child’s independence during every day routines such as pulling up a zipper, pinching buttons to poke them through the hole or when grasping a crayon or pencil.

Clothespin Turkey


  • Small paper plate
  • Construction paper: brown, orange
  • Markers
  • 9 clothespins
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Watch the video to follow these simple directions.



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