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FREE-Festive Flag Paper and 4th of July Writing Prompts

FREE-Festive Flag Paper and 4th of July Writing Prompts

The 4th of July is right around the corner and it’s the time of year that’s full of special memories of celebrating America’s Independence!  Many traditions, backyard BBQs, fireworks and summer memories are made around this time of year.  It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to write down their special memories and keep their writing skills sharp over the summer.  

Kids will find this festive Flag Paper as a fun way to write a journal entry or answer one of the writing prompts.

This bundle includes red and white lined flag inspired paper.  The high contrast between the red and white stripes will help kids with legibility (letters staying in the white line or sitting on the line). The paper also comes with large or medium lines so you can use the size that works best for your child’s writing style.

I’ve also included some writing prompts, which can also be used as fun conversation starters to practice social skills at your next gathering.

You can also use it to write downt the Flag Cookie Recipe CLICK HERE

P.S. Scroll down to get your free printables. Plus, check out the Flag Cookie Craft for a sweet way to celebrate Independence Day! ?

You can use this Flag Paper to write out the recipe for the 4th of July Flag Cookie too.

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