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Occupational Therapy FAQ

Q:  What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

A: When people first hear the word “occupational” they sometimes think that OT’s provide job counseling or talk therapy to help folks figure out their career path.  Well, let me clarify… occupational therapy is NOT job counseling or career coaching!

Occupational therapists help people of all ages improve their health, well-being and quality of life.  Our goal is to help people live as independently as possible to reach their potential in their every day roles and routines.  OTs help people participate in meaningful “occupations” so they can life life to the fullest!

Occupational therapy is an amazing career choice and one of the highest ranked professions for the highest levels of job satisfaction.  The profession is projected to grow a whopping 24% by the year 2026 according the the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The field of pediatric OT is by it’s very nature, a helping profession where neuro-science meets child development.  Coursework includes college level anatomy, kinesiology, neuro-anatomy, and rehabilitation techniques to improve strength, sensory-motor development and cognitive skills.

Q:  What is OT for Kids?

A:  Pediatric OTs help kids succeed in their everyday “occupations” by teaching them the skills to succeed at home, school and play.

OTs use a holistic, relationship based framework and are trained to use evidence-based treatments.  OTs are keen observers and experts in “task analysis” to evaluate, assess and improve the underlying foundational skills that support a child’s performance.    Pediatric OTs help kids improve in the following areas:  Motor skills, Sensory processing and self-regulation, Cognitive and executive functioning skills to support academic learning, Emotional and psycho-social well being, Independence with self-care and activities of daily living, Feeding and eating, Play skills and social skills.

“My OT lens focuses on task analysis and making modifications to the activity or environment to help kids of all ages and abilities reach their potential.”

Q:  How can OT help my child?

A:  Another way to think of OT is “Life Hacks”.  I always think of a “hack” as something that makes a task easier or better.

The way I approach creating “life hacks” for kids, parents and teachers is based upon the following concepts.  A general OT Treatment framework includes these key concepts to best support a child’s participation

1.  Prevention through early intervention

2.  Remediation to improve specific skills

3.  Making modifications to the task or tool

4.  Accommodations in the environment

Q:  Where do OTs work?

A:  Pediatric occupational therapists may work in a variety of practice settings such as early intervention, schools, out patient clinics, private practice and hospitals.

Early Intervention, Birth to Three


Out Patient Clinic or Private Practice


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