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Catch Those Wiggly Fish!


August 5, 2021

Kids will love making their own mini fishing pole to reel in these wiggly fish. This fishing game craft helps kids practice fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, holding a pencil and tactile play to improve touch processing. Get your FREE Fish Template

You will need:

• Paper Fish Template CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
• Scissors
• Paper clip
• Tape
• Markers or crayons
• Pencil
• Hole punch
• ½-1 cup of Salt
• Blue food coloring
• Plastic ziplock bag
• Small bowl or container


How to make the salt water

1. Pour the salt into the plastic, ziplock bag.
2. Add a few drops of blue food coloring.
3. Pinch and seal the bag closed.
4. Mix in the color. Use your hands to squeeze and mix the color into the salt until it is dyed blue.
5. Carefully pour or scoop the colored salt into a small bowl or container.

How to Make the Paper Fish

1. Color the fish.
2. Cut out the fish.
3. Punch a hole near the mouth.
How to make the fishing pole
1. Bend the paper clip into a hook shape.
2. Pull off a piece of tape.
3. Tape the paper clip to the end of the pencil.

How to play
Put the fish into the salt water and get ready to reel in your fish!

Other Ideas:

Put the salt water on a rimmed tray or baking sheet. Practice writing letters or drawing shapes in the sand using your pointer finger.

Pro Tips:

Practice holding your fishing pole as if you were holding a pencil with 3 fingers.  Check out the video to see how to hold the pencil.  Children 3 or younger may hold it with finger tips pointed down and that’s OK.

To make it easier

Coloring:  Draw a round outline around the fish to make it easier for young children to cut.  Be sure that your child is holding the scissors in a thumb up position.




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