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Hi there!

I’m Jessica.

Welcome to Play It Forward Therapy!

I help parents, teachers, therapists and other kid-loving professionals learn about child development from a holistic, occupational therapy perspective.

I’m excited to pay it forward by sharing tried and true, play based activities to help kids reach their potential.

My passion is helping kids to achieve every day success at home, school and play!

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, Mom and Therapy Entrepreneur, it’s my mission is to…

Show The Love.  💖 Share The Knowledge. 💡 

Pay It Forward. 🥰



The 3 Essential Strategies For Telehealth Success

Are You Looking To Level Up Your Telehealth Skills?


T School for Therapists can help you…

  • Feel more comfortable & confident online
  • Choose the best platform for your practice’s needs
  • Discover the best telehealth activities and tx planning tips
  • Learn how to conduct online evaluations & assessments
  • Keep your schedule full with committed clients and students
  • Turn your kids & families into raving fans of your virtual sessions!
  • Earn 8 AOTA Approved Contact Hours!
Clever Cookies & Snacks
Flag Cookie

Flag Cookie

This 4th of July Flag Cookie is a sweet way to celebrate Independence Day!  Learn how to make these miniature Flag Cookies by watching the video tutorial.  Hope you have a blast celebrating the...

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