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Turkey Cookie

These tiny Turkey Cookies will be gobbled up in no time! Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie craft.  There are several skills that your child will practice to make these adorable cookies, whether it's a single treat or a flock of...

Pressed Leaf Placemat

Q:  Why do leaves fall from dogwood trees? A:  They're afraid of the bark. Q:  How do leaves get from place to place? A:  They use Autumn-obiles. The season of Fall brings a smile to my face (as do corny jokes and pumpkin spice lattes!).  Fall is the perfect time of...

Spooky Slime

Let's get messy!  In occupational therapy we have a few good and gooey reasons to make slime! Introducing different textures in a fun way can help some kids improve their tolerance to wet and sticky textures.  When your child can tolerate other wet and squishy...

Pumpkin Fidget

Is your child constantly touching things?  Does your student have trouble sitting still while listening or while waiting?   Do you ever find yourself saying, "Keep your hands to yourself!"  If the answer is yes, then this Pumpkin Balloon Fidget is a super sensory...

Welcome!  I’m a mom, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) and a big kid at heart! My passion is helping kids achieve every day success at home, school and play!

 I’m excited to Pay It Forward by sharing tried and true, play based-activities with YOU!

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