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Jack O’ Lantern Cookie

These cute Jack O' Lantern Cookies are SO easy to make it's scary! Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Halloween cookie craft.  There are several skills that your child will practice to make these adorable cookies, whether it's a single treat or a platter of...

Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

This is probably the only time I don't mind hearing "Boos" from my kids at the kitchen table!  Your kids will surely think these Ghost Quesadillas are a spooktacular snack. Classic quesadillas are kids favorite and they can be customized in so many ways. These cheesy...

Pumpkin Bash

There's something so satisfying about pounding pegs into a pumpkin!  Channel your child's desire to hit or pound something with this Pumpkin Bash activity.  Using a wooden mallet to pound push-pins or golf tees into a pumpkin provides practice for fine motor skills...

Pencil Cookie

Go ahead, chew on this pencil eraser!  As a matter of fact, feel free to eat the entire pencil.... cookie pencil that is!  This graham cracker pencil cookie is sure to inspire your young writer.  "Pick up your pencil" will have a whole new meaning after you've tried...

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